No more paying extra bills
Reduce up to 90% of electricity wastage

Did you know electricity wastage at home is due to the following reasons:

Faulty appliances

Consume extra electricity due to low power factor

Overuse of Appliances

Running unattended appliances

Current Leakage

Improper connection of wiring

Smi- Fi energy saver

Monitor. Control. Save Electricity. At ₹15,000 Only

Smi-Fi is an IoT device installed at the MCB box, tracks real time electricity usage.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning identifies the wastage of electricity.
Smi-Fi saves upto 40% of electricity bill.

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Simple way to bring Automation to your home ​

Imagine your home running on your commands & we make it a reality.

Smi-Fi Automation System provide a complete home automation solution at the best price.

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Frequently asked Question

Learn about Smi-Fi Energy Saver!

As an energy oriented company, operating to conserve and generate electricity. We are integrating AI technology with IoT which reduce the wastage of electricity

Smi-Fi is your home electricity assistant that can tell you the real-time electricity consumption of your home all the way up to the appliance level on EpVi Cosmos App.
Smi-Fi energy saver comes with 1 year of free warranty and extendable warranty with yearly subscription
Smi-Fi is installed at your MCB box and connected with individual MCB pins and your Wi-Fi, it tracks all the electricity usage. This information can be seen on our mobile app. It can identifies electricity wastage and notify on App, you can get the electricity leakage fixed with our electrician services. You can also control your appliances through mobile app, to reduce the wastage.
For safety purpose, it is advisable to get Smi-Fi installed by our trained electrician.

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We are incubated from KIIT TBI Orrisa, Recognised by Startup India and Startup Haryana

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